This is a local post for local people

I’ve got a new story called A Few Dead Men going up on the wonderful and marvellous Literally Stories tomorrow morning. It’s the first piece I’ve ever set in South Africa and even contains some really bad attempts at Afrikaans. On the plus side there are some awful name-based puns and a fair amount of unsubtle pokes at a certain Hollywood A-Lister with a large nose and a penchant for crackpot religions.

It also contains the word poepol which my spell checker still wants to change to people.  I would not wish to sweep in a generalised fashion and claim that in many cases the two are interchangeable.

Oh, sorry you were expecting more to that last sentence.

And the last one.

This could go on for days.

Let’s change the subject. Today I drilled three holes of varying size into some wood. This means that the computer equipment via which I am churning out this drivel is now safe from being pulled over by my crazed children. Essentially I have threaded a length of strong chain through the two holes cut through the worktop as well as the single hole cut through the side of the wardrobe. I have then attached the children to the chain allowing room for them to reach water and bedding safely.

What kind of monster would keep them away from water? Shame on you.

Ok fine, I admit it. The three holes were only for cable storage. But you have to admit the chains would be a safer bet.

I also secured a decent length of telephone wire to a variety of skirting boards and other wood-based areas using 5mm flat cable clips. Rock and roll. Drilling and hammering all in one day.

Anyway this is my way of saying I haven’t done any writing today. Except for the writing involved in telling you I haven’t done any writing.

I’ll do better tomorrow. Probably.

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