Holiday Stew

Try to contain your disappointment but this post is not about a man called Stewart who works in the entertainment section at a fictional holiday resort.

Furthermore, this is not about me cooking the kids in a large pot over a roaring fire at a holiday resort, fictional or otherwise.

I will freely (or at least for a nominal fee) admit there were moments on the six-hours-each-way-that’s-twelve-hours-in-total-buddy car journeys where I was tempted, but the stew reference is purely metaphorical.

Or metaphysical.

Or something.

In truth the title reflects the fact that after finally coming to terms with compartmentalising my various writing themes into some neatly constructed (and discrete) menu options on this blog…I’m now going to break the rules and bleed across the boundaries like a stuck pig – albeit a stuck pig with particularly dextrous trotters, a Mac and some sort of virtual border patrolling duties that I have neither the time nor the inclination to investigate further.

*scribbles note to self to investigate further when no-one is looking*

I haven’t been away on holiday for quite a while. It’s probably two years since we’ve been away as a family in South Africa, and it’s a year since we went away anywhere. For the scatologically inclined both those trips involved a small girl producing epic poo moments at the most inopportune times. For the rest of you, forget I said anything.

Back to my boundary bleeding.

The holiday got off to a poor start. I was hoping to run the Wilderness / Hoekwil half marathon the morning after we arrived but the kids decided to keep us awake until 4am and so my running ambitions were cut short. The lack of sleep and the missed opportunity put me in a foul mood for the rest of last Saturday until, as usual, I found my redemption in something basic and familiar.

I spent the next five days outside the rut of the daily working parent grind and even though I cannot claim to be ready to go back to work on Monday, I feel a whole lot more relaxed than I did a week ago.

Twas a run wot fixed things. An eight km jog-slog across a beach that looks like this…


It was a great reminder that running is not all about time or mileage or preparation for some goal or race. Every now and then running needs to be just about…running.

So the next day I went again. I set off looking to do a flat 10km or so that would lead me to…


Instead I took a wrong turn and did several hundred unexpected metres of climbing. Which is all ok when you turn around and get to look at…

IMG_1882 IMG_1881 IMG_1880

The day after that I went to play golf. This is a rarity for me these days – the two rounds I played last week were my first of 2015 and even though I fervently hope otherwise, they may be my last purely because of the lack of available time to play. Still, I suppose if you’re only going to play 36 holes it helps if they look like this…

IMG_1906 IMG_1911

In amongst all this self indulgence I made sure I got to spend plenty of time with the kids. Rhys and I were overdue some quality father/son bonding time and so after our regular early afternoon cricket game on the resort’s tennis court we headed off for some beach adventures.

It’s amazing the fun a boy and his dad can have on a beach armed with a stick, a bunch of stones and some imagination…

IMG_1936 IMG_1938 IMG_1940 IMG_1941

I even read a novel. In a week. This can best be described as somewhat unusual these days.

I would have liked to have spent more time writing but I also think the break was necessary as I’ve come back with renewed enthusiasm not only for writing but also for the reading/editing duties that are part and parcel of being involved in Literally Stories.

I did manage to jot down a haiku poem one morning on the way to the beach.

In everyday noise

The memory of laughter

Fills up the silence

I still have no idea if I’m writing them properly or if my juxtaposition is wrapped around my conflict but who cares, I’m having fun.

So that’s my holiday stew. A whole bunch of small things that add up to more than the sum of the parts. Let’s hope that like actual stew this holiday has a bunch of tasty leftovers that will sustain me for weeks to come.

What I mean by that is that I hope I will now come back to reality with a renewed appetite for life and the things that matter to…oh wait you already worked it out.

I’ll be off then.

6 thoughts on “Holiday Stew

    • Yes it was a lovely trip thanks. Got off to a shaky start but I was definitely relaxed by the end of it. I will send you the picture of Rhys when he lost a game of noughts and crosses…a very different expression hehe 🙂 But I agree – very special times and I loved being able to have fun with both kids


  1. I thought I had commented on this one. I read it in the morning (which for me fluctuates more than for an average person, meaning the morning can be any time of day, any day of the year) and must have forgotten to comment. I wanted to say I really liked the haiku. I don’t play golf, but that fairway looks as tempting as a career-ambitious temptress in her 40s (close to promotion). Also I hope it’s a fairway. So you won’t say: “No that’s not a fairway. That’s not a golf course. You’re way off. That’s not even a picture.It’s a drawing of a gummy bear.”
    ATVB my friend

    Liked by 1 person

    • How can you even suggest it’s a gummy bear? You’re a “fairway” away from the truth (see what I did there) – it’s quite clearly a montage of My Little Ponies. It is indeed a fairway good Sir and had you been there to witness me hacking my way around you would be equally convinced that I don’t play golf either. Very glad you liked the haiku – I’ve got another couple lurking in my brain. Hope your morning has not fluctuated overly and that you have a fine day ahead! Cheers, Nik

      Liked by 1 person

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