A Multitude Of Musings

Calm yourselves people, it’s not the title of George RR Martin’s next Game Of Thrones novel (even if it should be given the slightly wandering nature of the last one or two), it’s just a snappier title than a bunch of stuff I thought about today and wanted to write down.


There are many parallels between music and writing. A colleague of mine who is quite a mean bass player told me a great story about Herbie Hancock being cryptically instructed by Miles Davis to not play the butter notes and it led us to the old adage of it’s not what you play, it’s what you leave out. I think one of my strengths (lesser weaknesses) as a writer is that I tend to try and keep it very lean. I’m not including my blog posts in this as I know I tend to waffle on, but certainly when I’m writing a short story I try to tell it as sparingly as I can and let the reader do the work. I try to be less Vai and Satriani, more Gilmour and Clapton.

Speaking of Sir Slowhand I dug out an old track of his tonight which perfectly illustrates the power of understated playing. The track is Holy Mother on the August album and he starts his solo by playing the same note 26 times. I’m not suggesting it’s good practice to start a crucial portion of a story by repeating a word 26 times, rather, the lesson for me is about being bold enough to avoid the temptation of overplaying, or indeed, overwriting a section. Keeping things simple is a skill in itself – trust me, I’ve tried to play the beginning of that solo a hundred times in the past and I can’t wring a tenth of the emotion out of it that EC manages.


As I uttered the words to my wife earlier, “I really like Sarah MacLachlan’s voice” it dawned on me that I may have been performing some kind of spoken male Googlewhack.

I immediately washed my mouth out with homebrew and put on some eighties rock.

Still love her voice though.


I’ve had over fifty views on my site today. Sure, there are sites out there that get a billion hits a second but the fact that a bunch of people decided to click around my site, give me a few likes and a few new follows means a lot to me. So thanks to you all.

I promise not to let this new found fame and global success change me in any way.

*…now bring me my blue M&M’s you lazy ass mofos…*


I exchanged my UK drivers license for a South African one today.

On the plus side it’ll mean I can stop carrying my ID book everywhere I go and will lead to fewer questions, less bribes and only the most cursory of cavity searches next time I get pulled over.

In the minus column I’ve got the irrational sense that I’m somehow trading in part of me. I sense I will be coming back to this topic for a full blog post.


Today was one of those days where I wish I could go for a pint and a chat with my kid brother. Not to be confused with yesterday, which was one of those days where I wished I could go for a pint and a chat with my kid brother. And certainly nothing at all like tomorrow which will be one of those days when I’ll wish I could go for a pint and a chat with my kid brother.

In fairness though if we’d got started on point one about music we’d have been stuck there for the rest of the night swapping our combined, infinite wisdom all the while pretending we can handle our beer.

I don’t tell him nearly often enough but he is my best friend, I miss him terribly and being several thousand miles apart is a crappy, crappy thing.

Fortunately he doesn’t like reading so he won’t see me being all sentimental…


Is six a multitude? Seems a bit of a leap to double the notion of three’s a crowd and class it as a multitude. Still, it’s all I’ve got tonight so I’m off.


Alright I lied. I’ll leave you with a comedic haiku poem (I have no idea if comedy breaks some law of haiku) exploring lust and the consequences thereof for two neat and tidy people…

Clothing scattered far

Bodies creased in passion’s flame

Folding comes later

6 thoughts on “A Multitude Of Musings

  1. I like her voice too, but it isn’t quite the same shocker, I’m betting. I spend this night listening to different variations; different lead female singers, of Les Miserables the Musical of the song Come to me /Fantine’s Death. And of course I didn’t see the movie version, although Anne Hathaway was brilliant in her way, I watched it for the voices. Ruth Henshall’s last note in Les Miserables 10th Anniversary: “And tell Cosette I love her and I’ll see her when I wake…” She leaves the listener with her frail voice, only a feather-like whisper and it’s the last note before she dies. Think of that as an exist; to leave in the whisper of a feather. I’ve been crying, repeating the note, crying, repeating the note… That’s the emotion she provokes in me.I wish I could write in the same manner she finished that song. That would be something! So long story short, yea I also like Sarah MacLachlan, but it’s perhaps less of a shock. 🙂
    Sorry for rambling on again.
    ATVB my friend

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m blaming the fact that I’m replying to comments via my phone for the first time! You got me with that one boss – nicely done! I will pay more attention in the future hehe 🙂


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