Switch it off…switch it on

It appears that the internet is broken this evening. I was doing my best to be productive and catch up on the recent submissions to Literally Stories when…boom, nothing seemed to want to work, everything ground to a halt and suddenly I was faced with a full glass of red wine and nothing to do.

Let me just state for the record that I did try and refresh the browser as well as rebooting my modem before subjecting you all to a blog post (which may or may not get posted depending on the future state of internet-upness).

You will note (now that I’ve told you to) I used the phrase “catch up” on my reading for Literally Stories. I use this phrase in place of the truth which should be “read and then pass comment/judgement upon work that is often far superior to my own.”

If there’s one thing that causes me more anxiety than my own self-doubt and feelings of complete and utter I’m-in-at-the-deep-end-edness when it comes to my actual knowledge of writing you can safely assume it’s the whole “decide whether someone else’s work makes the grade” thing.

I’m hopelessly unqualified to give technical reasons for why a story is good or bad. My fellow editors are brilliant at picking apart the stories we receive (phew). I just rely on the fact that I’ve read for as long as I can remember and hope that my gut feel means something.

Hmm…ok so the internet is still not back. What else happened today…

It’s been a bit of an odd day to be honest. It started well enough – I entered a local 15km race and managed to complete the course in just over 69 minutes. I use minutes because it sounds much faster than “one hour and nine minutes”. I was completely and utterly thrilled with this time – it even managed to get me home in 96th position overall which for me is epic. I was hoping to be around the hour and a quarter mark so to break that by six minutes when I’m not feeling anywhere near peak fitness was a real boost. It also made me start to believe that I can break the 100 minute half marathon target this year. My pace today put me on for about a 1:37 which would again smash my record by about six or seven minutes. Here’s hoping…

The rest of the day was less epic. Rhys has been spiking a fever around 40 degrees most of the day and so our morning market trip was cut short (not before I’d stuffed a giant hot dog, a raisin danish the size of my head and a coffee into my face). When we got home I rode my wave of post-race adrenalin to cut the lawn and wash the dog but after that everything started feeling tired so I selflessly spent the afternoon lying on the bed with my poor, sickly little boy (it was all for him).

It’s been an amazingly productive writing week for me – the best in quite some time. A bunch of blog posts, a couple of poems and finally a new short story that I’m reasonably happy with. I’m hoping next week will carry on in the same vein as for the first time in a while I’ve enjoyed every minute of writing.

And that very well be my last minute of writing until a new Monday. False alarm folks, the internet is, in fact, still alive and well.

Thanks for keeping me company.

2 thoughts on “Switch it off…switch it on

  1. I think you do yourself a disservice and your input re the submissions more than adequate – now mine on the other hand!!!! 🙂 Hope the little guy is feeling better soon and well done on the times.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you 🙂 I think my self-doubt in both editing and writing terms is a positive thing in moderation. It ensures I give everything I do the utmost attention while retaining some of the magic of “well it just sorta kinda works and I have no idea why”. And your input is ALWAYS high quality Diane! Rhys is fast asleep and I hope he stays that way – poor little chap is exhausted. My legs are now starting to remember it was a race this morning – might be sore tomorrow…


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