Friday Fifty Five

I thought I would finish off my week of experimentation with a crack at some fifty five word fiction. Apparently there are some sites on the wondrous interweb that deal exclusively in fifty five word stories so I figured I’d have a crack.

Thanks to everyone who has read and commented – I’m ending the week with 50% more followers than I started with for which I’m extremely grateful. Hope you all enjoy this bit of micro-micro.

The body was moved sometime before dawn.

“So where is it now?”

I turn off the police scanner and shake my head. “No clue.”

“You told me it was dead. That it was all over.”

A thump on the roof vomits the air from my lungs. I lock the door. “This is just the beginning.”

4 thoughts on “Friday Fifty Five

    • I’ve only ever written short stories but am hoping to progress to a novel at some point. I’ve been using the last week as a time to experiment after a long period of low writing activity – these micro pieces, drabbles etc are a fun way to focus the mind. Thanks for reading and commenting – would be interested to read whatever you come up with!


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