Four Pointless Facts And A Poem

If you want to be all picky you could make a case for there being six facts given I embellish a bit with asterisks.

But why would you do that? Just let it slide and go with the flow.

Jesus. You can’t please some people.

1. The unshakeable cold that has kerplunked its way through my system for the last week has rendered my vocal pitch so low that when I speak people who work under me* run screaming thinking it’s the start of an earthquake.

*Under me in a vertical, separate, on floors beginning with a number less than 4 kind of a way. Did you honestly think I spend my day on top of people? Shame on you.

2. If I ever need to pick a random country I always choose Belgium. I have no explanation for this. I nearly always choose a badger as a random animal but I have been known to shake things up a bit by blurting out otter. While picturing a badger.

3. I played my first game of virtual coin toss tonight to decide whether I get the Monday or the Tuesday slot for a story in a couple of weeks time. I’m not sure if Tuesday means I won or lost but it all seemed fair and I’m assured the whole imaginary toss was strictly monitored by officials seconded from* FIFA.

*I have no idea if seconded should be from or to.

4. I may be partially in love with Agnes Obel.

And now, as hinted at / categorically stated in the title of the post…here is a haiku inspired by the change of seasons and the wind chimes near my door.

Wind sets to chiming

Fledgling trees bend but hold firm

Beckoning winter


2 thoughts on “Four Pointless Facts And A Poem

  1. Those virtual coin toss losses can be tough. But if it’s any constellation, constipation… consolation the Swedish word for virtual coin toss losses is: virtuellslantsinglingsförluster. At least you don’t speak that language, I’m stuck with it.
    ATVB my friend

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  2. Wow. That’s my new favourite word. I’m assuming the literal translation would be “the elevation of a metal disc and associated betting as it tumbles senselessly towards the land of men”?


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