Ghost: A Drabble

I’ve got pleurisy at the moment. It’s my second bout in two years and although this one is far less severe than the last it does make me very tired and as such I should be resting.

And I’m going to rest. But I really felt like writing something first. Just something short and not altogether sweet.

A one hundred word ghost story.


The ghost of the boy is back. He sits on the pavement opposite the house. I watch him while I stand at the changing table on nappy duty for my daughter hoping he will leave.

Later, I go walking and he runs ahead waving and smiling. I long for his laugh but the world between us does not permit such luxuries.

As always he leads me to the bridge. Climbs the fence carrying sticks. Three for him, two for me. We throw in turns. As his last finds the water his hand passes through my cheek.

Then he is gone.

4 thoughts on “Ghost: A Drabble

  1. Great piece. I love the idea of the sticks and the connection and the clever way that you brought in the baby as a start of life in counterpoint to a life lost. Clever you, hope you are feeling better.

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    • Definitely on the mend thanks Diane. Many of the connections here were happy accidents rather than design but I guess that’s the beauty of writing – the words come out and we often don’t know where they came from or why, we just tap away and record them. Thanks for your constant support – very glad you liked this one!


    • Feeling much better thanks Tobbe – got a check up tomorrow morning but hopefully I’m now officially fit and healthy once more! Thanks for reading – glad you liked it 🙂


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