A Half Century Of Followers

Fifty people are now following my blog.

In an age where trillions and petabytes are tossed around for fun, fifty might seem insignificant.

It’s significant to me.

This means that fifty people around the globe have decided to follow my blog based on the thoughts in my head and the words I put on a page. Of the fifty perhaps five did it out of friendship when I started writing. Everyone else has decided to do it after reading something I’ve written.

Thank you. I mean it.

You can keep your trillions. Fifty is a big deal in my world and I am thrilled and excited. Maybe even a fifty-fifty split between the two.

I thought I should mark the occasion by writing about the number fifty and so I’ve just Googled fun facts about the number 50. It wasn’t very fun. It got all mathematical and quasi-religious so I retreated to the safe haven of a blank page on Libre Office and started writing instead.

As I started writing I began to wonder why did these people decide to follow my blog?

Some of you have done it because I write about family and being a failing parent. For you guys I can tell you that I’ve shouted at my daughter a combined total of fifty times over the last two days and felt bad about it for about fifty seconds before finding some vague but she’s just so difficult and you can’t get through to her without yelling reason to justify my actions. My son has been good so…let’s just settle on he likes cricket and will one day score a fifty for the Proteas on debut (preferably against England and as a small milestone on the road to retiring bored on 789 not out before tea on day one).

Others have arrived because I sporadically write/lament about running. Us runners are generally statistical nutjobs so here are a few facts and figures:-

50…is 7.8 kilometers more than I’ve ever run in a single race and is 6km short of Two Oceans which I’m targeting for next year

50…is about the weekly overall distance I should be covering right about now to feel fully prepped for my next assault on a marathon in September. This week I did zero thanks to having pleurisy. Next week is also looking decidedly dodgy.

50…is the weight in kilograms I’d love to be for just one run. If you could also throw in “becoming Kenyan for a day” into the mix that would also work. Light and fast. Imagine…

Quite a few of you started following the blog around the time I started dabbling with haiku. So for you fine people here’s a little poem:-

One half century

Of minds deliberating

My creative thought


I even went the extra mile and made it fifty characters in length (if you’ll do me the decency of excluding the spaces…)

Given that my main writing focus is on storytelling I’d like to think that many of you are here because a tale or two has drawn you in. For you, here’s a brand new, just made up, hot off the press piece of fifty word fiction:-


Our bodies fuse in the impure heat of desperate chance, straining against the bounds the world has imposed.

In days to come we will yearn for this moment. Or perhaps we will not.

Reality will dawn with the rising of the sun.

And we must mutely accept what it dictates.


And if any of you were drawn solely to my random thinking there’s enough of that here already. Plus you got the added bonus of a really weird waiting room picture at the top that clearly has nothing to do with this blog.

Unless it’s where you all secretly wait for my next post…

The truth is I truly don’t know why you are here. Don’t get me wrong…I don’t want you to go anywhere – but I would like to understand you a little better.

So, if you have a moment and feel so inclined please leave a comment and let me know why you are part of my little adventure.

Want me to write more about one thing and less about another? Let me know.

Want me to focus on bad haiku? Let me know.

Want me to keep doing what I’m doing? Well that’s going to happen regardless…

6 thoughts on “A Half Century Of Followers

  1. I’m one of the 5 that “indulged” your early writings. Now I’m a follower, simply because your writing is whacky, funny, and but pretty good. Even though I don’t understand it sometimes.

    A bit like you I guess.

    Congrats on the 50. Hope I get invited to the next

    Liked by 1 person

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