A flash fiction piece I recently submitted – word limit of 150 and had to use the word paper. Short and sweet – the perfect two minute read for a busy Saturday!


“…migraine. I can’t drive.”

“Look it’s terrible timing. We’ve got to present to the client on Friday and…”

“Just a day. If I sleep it off I’ll be fine tomorrow. You know I’ll make up the work.”

“Yeah. I know. OK. Get some rest and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I set the phone back on its dock and zip up my jacket. Beanie. Gloves. It’ll be cold down by the river and my chest isn’t great these days.

I park the car near the footbridge. There’s a bench set back from the water underneath an old crack willow. I can watch the car while I work.

I take the first sheet from my bag and fold it in half. Nine more folds, then on to the next.

A flotilla of paper boats sail away under the bridge.

Danny would have loved them.

11 thoughts on “Remembrance

    • Thanks Diane. I really enjoy the challenge of finding a way to pack a bit of depth into a very short piece – happy that it worked on this occasion!


    • Thanks Belinda – appreciate you stopping by and commenting! Not sure I’ve had masterful thrown at me before so I might just frame that 🙂 I really enjoy the challenge of small word counts in terms of trying to stimulate interest for the reader – really pleased it worked for you.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Will try to make sure my next piece has got some laughs in it to glue your heart back together D 🙂 It’s a great comment – thank you – my goal was to stir up emotion and it seems like it worked for you.


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