Kenny, Lucy and the bite marks of fate

That would be a great name for a band come to think of it.

I’m not sure if attention spans are longer or shorter on a Sunday* compared to a Saturday but I’m going to go with shorter and see how the chips fall. Today’s offering is a bit of fun. A 100 word drabble that was inspired by hearing a song on the radio.

* for those of you already on Monday I’m thinking you’re only reading this in order to fall asleep again after a brief, but satisfying, middle-of-the-night toilet excursion. So all the more reason to stop banging on about nothing and get to the story…


I’m leaving, Lucy said.

And she did.

Not immediately or all in one go. She left me a piece at a time, growing ever more distant and diminished until at last she faded from sight entirely.

Unlike Kenny Rogers I had no crop in the field to consider and my four hungry children were whittled down to two teenage boys fully capable of feeding themselves.

But it was still a fine time to leave me.

I’d always considered her to be all bark and no bite. The teeth marks in the warm meat of my heart tell a different story.

6 thoughts on “Kenny, Lucy and the bite marks of fate

    • Can’t beat a good pun Diane – not even with a suitable stick! I’m enjoying the short pieces and glad that you’ve been enjoying them too – with life being pretty busy at least it’s keeping me writing!


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