A Brave Reality Check

When I get to the hindsight stage of this post I will no doubt reflect that I should have stuck to my original text which was moaning and complaining about the creative embers* in my head.

(* for reference these are created when the brain goes into a bit of a panic about an unused or unnoticed creative spark and pours creative juices over it leaving a smoldering, confused ember in its stead. The brain is an amazing organ but it’s a stickler for health and safety when there’s the chance of a naked flame.)

Too late now. I’m going in another direction.

Somewhere in between the cooking channels on satellite television there is a vacuum.

I know because I just saw it.

Picture the scene if you will. A husband and wife have just finished supper. Hubby is debating going off to do some writing, wifey is flicking through channels and then there…there somewhere between UK Masterchef, UK Celebrity Masterchef, Australian Masterchef, Chopped Vanuatu, Iron Chef Kyrgyzstan and Diners Drive-Ins and Dives (Tibetan Special)…we find the void known as I Am Cait.

I could bang on for hours about my seething hatred of all things Kardashian associated but tempus is busy fugiting so I’ll save that for another day.

The only man on reality TV who made Ozzy Osbourne seem focussed and in control is now Cait.


I read somewhere that she received the Arthur Ashe award for courage. Perhaps I’m all bitter and twisted but after watching a show yesterday evening where an ex-serviceman in the UK was designing a house to rebuild his life with his family after being blown up and losing three limbs in Helmand Province, the idea of a fantastically rich former athlete and full-time media hogger being given an award for bravery because she is embracing her true gender under the same media glare that she invited into her home in the first place makes a small bit of vomit come up into my mouth.

I have no concept of how difficult it must be to feel trapped in the wrong body but I do have admiration and respect for those who are brave enough to face up to the torment, stigma and ridicule that they must continually face without the safety net of a multi-million dollar television deal.

The ninety seconds or so that I watched further convinced me of my complete and utter lack of knowledge or frame of reference in these matters. A lady named Blossom stated that “Whenever anyone looks at us their first thought is ‘is she a prostitute‘?”

Not me Blossom.

The first thought in my mind was ‘has she really had her man-bits removed?’

On the assumption that’s a yes my follow up is ‘does she keep them in a box somewhere just for…well…I don’t know?

I’m probably going to hell but it really, truly is what I thought.

Hold on…before you bring your pitchforks just remember that saying this out loud (or at least writing it down) with the threat of utter damnation took some bravery. By my very typing I might be confined to an eternity of being forced to wear an England rugby jersey while watching Riverdance being performed over a soundtrack of Mariah Carey songs.

That takes courage.

I’d better work on my acceptance speech for next year.

9 thoughts on “A Brave Reality Check

  1. Oopsi daisy (is that how it’s spelled?). However, I do agree with you. Thousands of Africans brave the waves looking for a better life in Europe. Immigration is one of the most controversial subjects, if not the most controversial subject in Europe. There are dark corners in every country where they will be hated for wishing a better future. A few days ago hundreds of men and women drowned looking for that dream. Yet still, many more have the courage to seek out the promise of a better life in Europe. But Cait has a microphone. And millions of dollars. That’s the difference. Somewhere deep inside of me I’m forced to admit that I shouldn’t put their struggle up against Cait’s struggle. Although that’s exactly what the award does. It pegs him as the most courageous. Every time something like this comes up I always say: they should have given the award to Hans Rosling. He will always make me proud to be a fellow Swede. I’m never embarrassed by any coverage of him. (Tip: watch his speech at Ted. He’s funny and makes great points! Yes, that’s how the Swedish accent sounds like).

    This became larger and more political than I had thought. But hey, that’s what my parents said of me. (always end with a joke).

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    • I’m glad it provoked this kind of reaction in you Tobbe – it’s exactly what I was looking for. I will certainly check out the link you sent as my knowledge of Hans Rosling is, shall we say, limited to the point of non-existence. If you look at the past winners of the award it includes people like Nelson Mandela and Muhammed Ali so it has inevitably opened itself up to harsh scrutiny about how deserving the winner is.

      Interestingly the last two winners are the aforementioned Cait and an American Football star who came out. I’m not disputing that it takes courage to stand apart, particularly in the sporting arena which is notoriously blinkered and bigoted, but the award is perhaps reflecting a change in society’s perception as to what truly constitutes courage.

      I wanted to write truthfully about a subject which is why I included my own failings as a human – I don’t mean to trivialise things but my brain genuinely works in the way I described. A part of me will always be a child asking childlike questions.

      I’m glad it got you thinking and I appreciate your thoughts as always.

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  2. Rugby Jersey ordered and on its way. I got the extra large so you could use it to hide in. Now then, I promise you that I am not being disingenuous or coy here and of course I have seen their name and pictures of the “kardashians” and the hoopla surrounding this particular situation but can someone tell me who are they? Are they actors and if so is it the whole family – like the Waltons or something becaue I had never heard of them and then suddenly they are everywhere. Please remember we don’t watch the television so all I see is on the internet. Well we do watch television but only downloaded Game of Thrones and now and again the news so as you see we are a bit ignorant when it comes to Celebrities. Thanks for the explanation of the creative embers – that’s worth knowing anyway.

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    • Thanks for the jersey Diane – on current form I’m going to need somewhere to hide very soon. Certainly I’d be a lot calmer as a supporter of England or Australia than of Wales in our lovely World Cup group of death.

      I’m SO pleased you have no idea who the Kardashians are. As far as I can tell they are famous for being famous. They have their own warts-and-all-as-long-as-the-warts-are-pretty reality show – cameras following them around same as the Osbournes did which is why I mentioned Ozzy in my post.

      The mum is called Kris who was married long ago to somebody called Kardashian. They had a bunch of children who all seem to have the letter K starting their name (Khloe, Kim, possibly Kevin – who knows). She remarried Bruce Jenner who was a former Olympic decathlete and they had more kids (Kylie, Kendall, possibly Kolin and Knut). Bruce is now Caitlyn and he/she and Kris are divorced. Kim is married to Kanye West, I have no idea what the others are doing but they would turn up at the opening of an envelope. My wife informs me that Khloe is very nice (she doesn’t watch it often but knows more than me) and in the bits I’ve seen I’d tend to agree.

      I’ve probably got most of it wrong but neither you or I care I’m sure 🙂

      Glad to help you with the creative embers – I quite enjoyed that and may use it again 🙂

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  3. Ozzie- Aussie – oi oi oi! Considering how shameful Australia did in the cricket – happy to read about Rugby and Australia on the same page.
    I’ll admit- had to check out who the k-crew are….. yeah, um… It’s obvious money talks and pays for publicity in all the wrong places, spotlight stealing from those with other forms of courage. Your post on the vacuum & K-crew, reinforced my argument in our household on why I will not pay for our tv aerials to get fixed after it took on a possum practising his gymnastics-groove (another story).
    Pitch-forks seem to be spring-loaded for almost everything… at the moment the airwaves here are debating how booing at an Aussie-rules footballer player, on a footy field, during a game, from the opposing team is deemed racist! No wonder the simplicity of the k-crew can be tempting entertainment as with watching other reality shows while hiding from the world so you don’t end up with your balls-in-a-jar!
    …now, where’s my rugby shirt…

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    • Always good to know that another household is spared the K treatment 🙂 It’s a scary and confused world out there whichever hemisphere you frequent it seems. There’s not much love lost between me and the England cricket team so I wasn’t too thrilled with the result either – luckily England tour here at the end of the year and I’m looking forward to the 500m walk from my house to Newlands to watch them get pummelled from the comfort of the members stand hehe!

      As for the rugby – can’t wait for the Wales v Aus game. it generally ends in misery for me but I think it’ll be one hell of a contest…!

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