Fantasy Forgotten

Funny the ideas that can come to you at the end of an evening. A one hundred word conversation piece about the blurred edges of memory.

I hope you enjoy it.


“I found the Sword of Damocles. I always knew that damn thing was real.”


“But me no buts. Lie me no lies. Ha! I found something. What was it again?”

“The Sword of…”

“Ha! Yes! The fabled sword. Actually it was more of a dagger really. Sting they called it. Belonged to a nice chap with big feet. Kept disappearing. The big footed chap I mean. Bigfoot. I think that was his name…”

“How about a nice cup of tea Grandpa?”

“Yes. Tea. That’s the ticket. You greatly remind me of my boy. Are you a friend of his?”

2 thoughts on “Fantasy Forgotten

    • Exactly what I was aiming for Diane – I agree he seems happy enough. The characters in this piece formed part of an outline I sketched a year or so ago that I hoped to turn into novella size or upwards. Haven’t quite got it happening yet but it remains on my list…


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