In Flight Memory

I wrote a post last month discussing unusual points of view from which to construct a story (it’s here if you want to refresh your memory). My personal experiment was with second person future and it seems it was a success – or at least in the eyes of my fellow Literally Stories editors who agreed to let it loose on an unsuspecting world earlier today. Hope you enjoy it – and I’d love to hear any thoughts you have on whether the POV enhances the piece or detracts from it.


The ice will wake you. You’ll hear it dropping in the plastic cup, sense it being passed in front of you to the woman in the window seat you haven’t spoken to since the flight began. You’ll drift, then you’ll open your eyes and stare into a face that would be prettier with less make-up. Her strip-light smile won’t fade as she asks you, patiently, for the third time if you’d like something to drink. You’ll order a gin and tonic even though you don’t want one because that’s what you do on flights. While she rummages for the gin needle in the haystack of unwanted brandy you’ll wonder if you’ll get peanuts or mini pretzels.

You’ll bet on pretzels.

And you’ll be right.

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Header Image: “KitchenLH” by Etan J. Tal – Own work. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

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