“…and when I asked him if he had any banking experience do you know what he said?”

Toby grins. Waits for the punchline.

“He said…and I quote…” Alan straightens his tie, leans back for effect. “He said…I’ve had a savings account since I was fifteen.”

Alan Ward is not the kind of boss who waits for subordinate approval. He’s a table thumping, bellowing roar kind of a guy and stays true to form. “A savings account? If the little shit had managed a current account I might have employed him for the hell of it.”

Toby shakes his head. Rueful smile, thinks about what to say. Settles for an agreeable but flimsy “Savings account!” and another head shake.

“Where do they find these people Toby? And more importantly, why am I wasting my afternoon interviewing them?” Toby shrugs. Alan rolls his eyes. “Some help you are. Anyway I assume you wanted something? Some spreadsheeting crisis I need to avert? Some matter of international import like someone stealing your best pencil? Well? Out with it man! I haven’t got all day.”

Toby stands. “Your six o’clock is downstairs. Shall I send him up?”

Alan checks his watch. Six fifteen. “Why didn’t you speak up sooner Toby? And where’s Anna? ANNA!

“She left at four thirty as normal Alan. That’s why it’s me telling you about your six o’clock. OK if I head out once he’s on the floor?”

“Yes, fine off you go. Leave me like the rest of the fleeing rats to man this ship alone.”

“If you need me to stay I can…”

“Oh lighten up man! I’m just pulling your leg. Working half days is in your contr…”

Both men turn at the sound of the door knocking.

“Sorry to disturb you gentlemen. Reception sent me up. I’m looking for Mister Alan Ward?”

Read the rest here courtesy of Literally Stories


Header image: “Flickr – brewbooks – Aconitum columbianum – Monkshood” by brewbooks from near Seattle, USA – Aconitum columbianum – Monkshood. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

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