Short Stories For Charity – Please Read and Share!

For the last year or so I’ve been involved in the running of a short story site – Literally Stories. Sunday marked one year since we published our first story, and to celebrate this milestone we launched an anthology to showcase the best of the best from year one.

The site has always been a labour of love and the anthology is no different. All the funds raised from book sales go to The Book Bus – a literacy charity doing amazing work throughout Africa, Asia and South America.

The ebook is available via Amazon in the UK, here

…in the US, here

…and there’s even an option to use a print on demand service to order in paperback here.

The quality of the stories is excellent, the cover art is splendid and it’s a steal at the price (£2.74, $7.07 and £7.99 respectively!).

So please, buy yourself a copy, give it as a Christmas present to someone who loves the written word or just reblog the shit out of this post – it all helps to support this very worthy cause.

Thanks for your help you lovely lot 🙂

Header image courtesy of studioanjou

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