A Hundred Few

Some say you can’t tell a story in a hundred words.

I agree.

You can tell several.

All you need is a shotgun and a desert and you’ve conjured dystopia. Throw in the promise of rain and you’ve got hope.


Madness perhaps.

Scratch around in the sand long enough and you’ll find buried symbols hinting at aliens. Not to mention the remains of a doll and a pink ribbon.

There’s a unicorn passing through the heat haze. Over there. Just beyond the rainbow.

And when it gets dark, the questions will puncture our sky like the fireworks of childhood.

8 thoughts on “A Hundred Few

    • Ohhh…I’m liking that idea a lot! Might have a little dabble with that before bed 🙂

      Haven’t forgotten the rhyming stanza idea either…with friends like this who needs a random google word prompt!

      Liked by 1 person

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