Four Facts For A Friday

I may be an old dog of questionable new-trick capacity but my ability to soak up random stuff like a sponge remains unparched (and it’s not just limited to red wine).

Here are four things I’ve learned this week.

1. I have my very own fishy counterpart.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present for visual delectation Amblyrhynchotes honckenii. Better known as the (Mr) Evileye Pufferfish. Who knew?*



* excluding a certain S. Bloomer – an all round fine chap who reads this blog fairly often and happens to be a highly trained marine biologist.

2. Running can be more about your soul than your legs.

These pictures are proof that getting up in the dark and meeting strange running  folk in a deserted pre-dawn carpark doesn’t necessarily have to lead to either dogging or snorting gin. Or both.



3. The weekly 5.45pm club time trial goes back to 5.30pm in winter.

Or more accurately, it did on Thursday. I know this because I rocked up at 5.37pm.

No. There are no photos for this one. Move along.

4. Walking with kids doesn’t always have to be a nightmare.

Just a truly lovely couple of hours out with the family in Newlands Forest.





Right. That’s your lot for now. Got my happiness out of my system and we can all go back to being miserable, angsty and riddled with doubt next week.

11 thoughts on “Four Facts For A Friday

  1. A few notes on your notes.

    1. Seems fishy.
    2. You mean “soles” not soul.
    3. Pics or it didn’t happen.
    4. Everything in those two sentences sounded like stuff nightmares are made of. “A family took a walk in the woods…” and obviously, as you know, anything involving kids is…a plot in a horror movie.

    Also, since this is a lighthearted post, I thought I would end my comment on a kinddli… kindlyer, chindlyer? …. end my comment on a chandelier note: You and your family are lovely. Hope you have a wonderful time not just in nature, naturally also in urban or bank environments. Because banks are neither a natural nor an urban environment, but still I want you to have a wonderful time there, if you ever take your family on a trip there.

    Notes over.

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    • As always Tobbe your words of wisdom are a beacon of light penetrating the fog of my thoughts. Interestingly my spellchecker decided you were a bacon of light – and who knows, maybe you are that too. A veritable Scandinavian bacon chandelier.

      Splendid to hear from you – we will all do our best to have wonderful times now that you’ve applied the pressure 😉 Hope you and yours are all well and happy!

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  2. What a wonderful post! Your family is beautiful and so is the scenery, though, you know, not in the same way, lol. Your pictures made me smile so thanks for spreading the joy. 🙂

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