Of Smoke And Mirrors

“…but mum I really want a spaceship.”

“Ben! For the last time we’re not here to…” A man’s voice cut me off.

“You won’t find flashing lights and electrickery here young man.”

Startled, I looked around the toy shop. “Hello? We were just looking for…”

“A present. For a party.”

“Yes…but how…” As I fumbled out my words a wisp of white hair appeared above the row of wooden jigsaw puzzles.

“And you must be Ben the galactic explorer.”

As I rounded the aisle the owner of the voice was on his haunches rolling a coin across his knuckles much to the wide-eyed amazement of my son.

“Do you do parties? I’ve never seen him so quiet”

The old man winked and flipped the coin above my head. I reached up to grab it on instinct. When I looked back he was gone.

And so was my son.


Header image: By Fotografia di Error. – Fotografia analogica scattata da Error, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=346857

8 thoughts on “Of Smoke And Mirrors

    • I would have been extremely impressed if you’d managed to pick my story out of seventy-odd Rebecca – it’s a really difficult task! It’s nice to note that once you knew it was me…you knew it was me if that makes any sense! Either I’ve got style or I’m an easy to spot weirdo haha 🙂

      Thanks for the vote of confidence – I’m not sure I will fare any better this week but it’s a fun exercise each week and I’m enjoying sharing them on this site regardless.


    • Haha! I’m already actively looking for it with my two 🙂

      This was my most recent adhoc fiction failure – prompt of “wisp” and oddly enough exactly 148 just like last time. Maybe if I can find two more each week and hit the exact limit I might win something!

      Good to hear from you James – thanks for dropping by!


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