Run. Turn. Repeat.

Can it really be a whole week since my last 150 word fiction failure post? Dropping from my regular word count of 148 to 146 didn’t make a difference it seems. Neither did donning my comedy fez to replace my angst-ridden beret.

Fortunately I’m not alone. This excellent piece by Rebecca Field also failed to make the grade (honestly, what is wrong with these people?!?)

Right. I can twiddle my thumbs no longer while I wait for you to come back from the link to Rebecca’s site and so onwards, and quite literally upwards via the word prompt of STEEP we must go…


“…but it still doesn’t explain why you want to kill him.”

“The man is a lunatic. He has no concept of human suffering and degradation. And he wears excessive amounts of lycra.”

“Hmm. I take your point. Lycra based crimes are pretty serious but surely some kind of community service would suffice?”

“It’s borderline male camel toe.”

“Eeeuw. A prison term then. Ten to fifteen with no chance of parole?”

“A slap on the wrist. No. He needs to atone for the pain and misery he’s caused me and all the others like me.”

“You’re looking pretty good in fairness.”

“It’s not the point! Do you know what he said to me this morning while I was coughing up a lung at the end of my seventh hill sprint? Suck it up people, it’s only steep on the way up.”

“I’ll help you bury the body.”


p.s. as an experiment I think I might put camel toe in my tags to see what kind of audience I get. A disappointed one I suspect 🙂

8 thoughts on “Run. Turn. Repeat.

  1. Hi Nik, I notice these micro prompts attract a competitive band of scribblers, I mean writers. My honest opinion on the above is perhaps you haven’t set the prompt up. It comes too late – also the dialogue builds a comical tone, and I sense a coming punch line to make me laugh, but somehow I don’t get the joke!
    I struggle with given prompts at the writing group I’ve joined (I am the youngest in age?). We are given ten minutes -read it out agh! I always feel such a fraud as I tend to meander off topic.
    My approach is, hook – line – sinker. Well that’s the idea, if only I could cast the hook and bag their attention.

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    • Thanks for the comment James! I find the only way I can deal successfully with a writing prompt is to write something immediately before I have a chance to do something crazy like “thinking about it”.

      In this piece the punchline is the fact that the stupid line being uttered by the personal trainer (it’s only steep on the way up) is enough to convince the friend that murder is the only option. The joys of writing huh – one line works for some and doesn’t for others!


  2. Feeling slightly nauseated right now but don’t worry about me you have Lycra crimes to sort out. Male camel toe-I’m trying really hard not to let the picture in La la la la I can’t hear you.

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  3. Thanks for linking to me Nik! I’m not sure if it’s true, but I read that if you have more than 15 tags on a post, then it renders them all null and void? So I hope the camel-toe-seekers are not missing out on your excellent post needlessly. Think I’ve spotted your entry for this week, but don’t want to say anything to give it away!

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    • Pleasure – us failures need to stick together 🙂

      Thanks for the tag tip – I’ve done a bit of checking and it seems like 12 is supposedly the magic number. However, I had 14 for my gooseberry poem and that appears in a tag search so who knows! I think I should settle on 12 or less anyway – there must be some sort of sweet spot…

      Be very curious as always to see if you’ve picked my story out of the list!


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