Still Here

On those darkened mornings where lifting your head is more than you can bear.

On those days where the sun rises and cinders your brave defiance in its gaze.

On those evenings where civil tongue and level tone desert you to your shame.

In those wakeful hours where your flesh aches for the zero point four five kilograms that life exacts with metric precision.


You are fragile.

But you are still here.

And I will not let you fall.

Rest now.

Let me pour my words into the cracks of your heart.

Tomorrow is not yet set in stone.

19 thoughts on “Still Here

    • Thanks! That line really was the catalyst for the whole thing – had it in my head and needed some way of using it. Very glad you enjoyed it.

      The 0.45 is a play on the idea of taking a pound of flesh (Merchant of Venice I think?) – 0.45kg is a pound and I liked the idea of converting it to line up with the idea of “life exacting it with metric precision.” Artistic license/weirdness 🙂

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  1. “Let me pour my words into the cracks of your heart”…God! that alone put me into the move, and i’m like, let me mend your broken heart, don’t give up on me, yourself or anything you are doing, keep moving, never stop, its how far not how well. this can be interpreted into meanings.

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    • That line was the catalyst for the piece so I’m very pleased you picked it out and that it resonated with you. You’ve definitely grasped the intention behind it – I wanted it to be ambiguous enough that different readers would take away different feelings about it, but ultimately at its core it’s just a pep talk to someone on a bad day. Thanks for taking the time to comment – it’s been lovely to see a few new faces this week.

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    • Aww…thanks Mel – you’ve been an absolute star supporting my scribbling and taking time to comment so often. Really pleased you liked this one and whether you “needed” to comment or not, I’m very glad you did 🙂

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