A Relaxing Weekend Away

“We’re only going away for two nights.”

“I know. And we need to eat, and the kids need to eat, and they need to be entertained, and it might be cold in the evenings and…”

“OK. OK. I get it. I’m just saying we ‘re only going away for two nights.”

“And I’m just saying…never mind. Did you pack his little pup for bedtime?”

“Yes. And a spare toy. And her toys.”

“Helmets for their bikes?”

“Yes. And a soccer ball. And a frisbee. And a golf club and some balls. And a cricket set.”

“Did you organise the drinks?”

“Yes. Two bottles of red, two bottles of white, a bunch of homebrew quarts, whiskey, shooters, tequila…”

“Haha. Actually bring the tequila, you never know.”

“Yeah it’ll knock them right out. Oh wait, you meant for us…”

“Mostly. OK so I’ve done three sets of clothes for each of them plus they’ll have what they’ve got on – that should be enough?”

“Yes. We’re only going away f…”

“I’m just going to take these boots I’m wearing. I don’t need anything else really.”

“What about if we go for a walk? Do you want to take my old trail shoes?”

“Sure. If there’s room.”

“It’s no problem. They can slot in somewhere. And if you don’t use them maybe there’s a trail there I can run anyway. Actually, I’d better pack some shorts in case we go walking with the kids. Maybe my rucksack as well?”

“I don’t think you’ll need all that. You don’t need it for running do you?”

“I don’t think so. Saying that though maybe there’s a longer route…I just packed my old shoes, running socks, long sleeved top, short sleeved top, chafe cream, surgical tape, heart rate monitor, watch charger…”

“We’re only going away for two…”

“Yeah I know but maybe I can get three runs in depending on when we arrive today and how early we leave on Sunday.”

“You’ve been sick the whole week you shouldn’t be running at all.”

“I’ve got a race next week love, I need t…”

“Fine. Just be careful. OK, so…did you fill up the car?”

“Yes. Tires done, windscreen washed, oil and water checked, spare tire checked…”

“Did you put the CDs in for the kids?”

“We’ve got Iron Maiden what more do they want? OK, fine. Yes I put in all the other CDs. I can barely contain my excitement at the prospect of listening to them again.”

“Great. OK so we’ll pick the kids up from school on the way, Yonela can leave early, the house sitter can let himself in later, the pets are all sorted…”

“Yep. Why don’t you go and get ice for the cooler boxes. Rather do it now so you’ve got time later to pick up whatever your folks have forgotten when they call us from the road.”

“Sure. Do you need anything?”

“Maybe some chocolate?”

“No problem. Anything else?”

“Nope. That’s me done. See you in a bit.”

“Can you sort out the directions?”

“Sure. Where are we going again…?”

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