Almost three years ago to the day I discovered a new and wonderful word – Drabble. As a veteran of nine short stories at the time I was keen to try something new and the challenge of exactly 100 words inspired me.

At last count, when Shortbread Stories was still functioning properly as a site, this story had (allegedly) garnered over 40,000 hits and so on a word-to-hit ratio this outstrips anything I’ve ever come up with!

I’ve written quite a few drabbles over the last three years but this remained my favourite until two weeks ago when Simple Joe popped into my head uninvited. So now that Forecast has been knocked from its perch, I thought it was an opportune time to show it to a new audience. I hope you enjoy it.


The wrinkled man pokes a finger into the slew of guts strewn across the parched ground. The day-dead rabbit that had previously contained them lies on its side three feet away facing east.

A drag of the finger further displaces the ropes of intestine. Cocking his head the man lifts the finger to his lips and tastes. He hops from foot to foot and rolls his eyes in diseased rapture.

Several minutes pass before his eyes drop and regain their focus. With a nod he creaks to his feet and turns to face the expectant, silent crowd.

“Rain. Two Days.”


13 thoughts on “Forecast

    • I wonder if he might crop up in a proper story one day Diane. There’s part of me still wants to write a fantasy novel – but I also think he might get on famously with a certain Mr. S. Crow…

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    • Nope…can’t say I’m going to get fed up any time soon. Cheers Lee – you don’t strike me as someone who dishes out praise just for kicks so it really is gratifying to know that my stories are keeping you entertained. Hopefully I can keep doing so for a while yet…

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