Tri-Haiku Tuesday – Medals

Three quick moments of inspiration. I hope you enjoy them.

Gold – for my parents who celebrated fifty years of marriage over the weekend

Silver – because…well silver’s just lovely

Bronze – for a friend I lost a quarter of a century ago


Fifty golden years

A lifetime sharing a life

And more yet to come


Silver. Poor sister

To the yellow glittering.

Rare. Ghostly. Beauty


You were always bronze

Strong. Resilient. Lasting

As memory will

8 thoughts on “Tri-Haiku Tuesday – Medals

    • Thanks very much – appreciated. It’s nice to have a change of pace occasionally and I find the haiku format is something I enjoy (even if I am generally trampling all over the rules!)

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    • Thanks Mel – I wanted to give a little bit of context to what had inspired me to write. Glad it enhanced the experience rather than detracting from it in a spoon-feeding kind of a way!

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  1. The third one is especially sentimental, I feel. That first line already tells us that the person is gone and that they’re remembered, loved and mourned. Great job 🙂

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