The Liebster Award

The very kind, generous and excellent Ana (yes, her name was meant to be in a slightly different colour – that’s your cue to go and check out her blog) has been kind, generous and excellent enough to nominate me for the Liebster Award. I believe there will be some kind of glitzy awards ceremony to follow but in the meantime I’m supposed to do three things (well actually 44 if you’re being pedantic but let’s not quibble).

1. Share 11 facts about yourself

2. Answer 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you

3. Nominate up to 11 bloggers and write 11 questions for them to answer

Those of you who lived through the hilarity of me being associated with the word “Sunshine” on two previous award occasions will know that I’m not great on nominating others or posing questions but who knows, by the end of this I may have changed my mind.

Here goes with the 11 facts…

1. I can speak fluent badger.

2. I slept with the light on until I was about thirteen.

3. I am more terrified of succeeding than I am of failing.

4. I am endlessly puzzled as to why so many of my blog followers are female.

5. I often cry when singing the Welsh National Anthem.

6. I could exist entirely on home made pizza.

7. I am an impossible combination of natural introvert and incessant flirt.

8. I would rather chew off my own arm than play charades or dance. Except if my kids ask and then I’ll do anything.

9. I am convinced that Michael Flatley is the devil. Nothing else could explain why Riverdance has been inflicted on the world.

10. I am not patient enough with the people I love.

11. I can count to eleven.

Hmm…I suppose you’ll be wanting 11 answers and stuff now (great questions by the way Ana!)

1. What is the best thing you’ve ever written and why?

The best thing I’ve ever written is a piece called The Generation We Lost. It was about a tragic event in Welsh history – an event I thought I knew about until suddenly realising one evening that it was about real people. Being able to take that moment and turn into something meaningful and (I hope) respectful made me feel like I could perhaps be a writer.

2. If you could spend an hour with anyone in the world, either alive or dead, to speak about the life, the universe and everything, who would it be?

I’m going to take a chance and nominate two people – my grandparents on my mother’s side. I never knew them and I would love to have just that brief moment to talk.

3. What’s one genre/type of book/story you’ve always wanted to write but have been too scared to try?

I’m pretty eclectic in my writing so I don’t have a specific genre or style that’s scared me off. I would qualify that by saying that I often get scared of being honest for fear of what people would think.

4. Alternatively, what would you hate to have to write?

Historical fiction. It seems like a very tedious endeavour to me.

5. Name one book, story or poem that inspires you to keep writing or, alternatively, contains language that for whatever reason steals your breath?

On Writing by Stephen King. What could be better than one of the great novelists of our times writing a book that allows you to believe you can do it, and without sugar coating it, pretending it’s easy or that there’s some trick involved?

6. When did you start writing and why?

I wrote as a child and was actively discouraged at school thanks to a crap curriculum and teachers with no passion. I left school believing I couldn’t write. Other than the occasional moments of dabbling it took me twenty years to start again. Moving to South Africa was the catalyst for me to start blogging about whatever came into my head and writing stories was the next logical step.

7. Is there a personality trait, quirk or other notable characteristic that you particularly gift (or curse) your characters with?

Sarcasm. It’s never far away from my writing and it’s up to the readers to determine if it is indeed the lowest form of wit.

8. What’s your favourite kind of cake? (This is a big deal – think carefully)

Think shmink. Coffee and walnut. Next…

9. If there were no financial barriers would you take up writing/blogging full time?

No. Not yet. I manage to get a reasonable amount of writing done despite the time demands of work, family, running, hobbies and life in general, but I also believe I could do more. If I can prove to myself I can write a novel or two without spending all day doing it I’d be more inclined to take it up full time. On a similar thread however if you asked me would I be prepared to spend all day writing with a team of people for a comedy show…

10. If you had to recommend one book to me, what would it be?

Fox In Socks by Dr Seuss. If you can’t read it and smile you are already dead.

11. And finally are you guys way too busy to do this? I totally understand if you are (it took me forever) so your alternative is to write a kick-ass story for me (which obviously is no challenge at all).

Ahh…Ana…such flattery. As a bonus I will write you not a kick-ass story…but a kick-ass haiku.

Red. Bruised. Suffering.

Cushions at the ready boys!

The ass has been kicked.


I’m not a great one for nominations. I don’t follow a lot of blogs and, many of those bloggers that I do follow have done this kind of thing more often than I’ve produced a warm dinner simile. Others have specific styles or subject matters for their posts (no names mentioned D). As I’ve done on previous posts of this nature I’d urge you to just go and check out all the blogs I follow (after you’ve clicked on the letter D of course).

That said, I’m going to break with tradition and ask four people to play along (and I’m opening it up to anyone who reads this post that I don’t single out for attention!)

I’ll start with Rebecca Field. Not only is she an excellent writer but she’s also my long term partner in Adhoc-Fiction-Failure (I’m only saying that to ensure you win next week Becky!)

Next I’d like to nominate Mr LT Cater. Lee is both talented and funny and, while I suspect this may not be his sort of thing, I’m fascinated to read his answers.

After that things go south but only in a geographical sense. Nicola Bell is a consistently funny writer, generous commentator and knows everything there is to know about early childhood language and literacy development.

Last and by no means least I’d like to nominate Mel A Rowe. Now that I have confirmed that Mel is not short for Melvin I can hereby confirm that she is one of the funniest, most generous and downright excellent people that it has been my pleasure to (virtually) meet. She also writes beautiful poetry and takes excellent pictures. What the hell she’s doing hanging around with the likes of me is anyone’s guess.

So here are your questions kids (and don’t forget the whole 11 facts about yourself and then your nominations and questions and such)

1. If you had, in fact, shot the sheriff would you have also killed the deputy, and what would your decision have been based on?

2. What novel, story or poem by someone else do you wish you had written and why?

3. Do you think blogging is “real” writing?

4. Why do you write?

5. What was the first career or job you can remember wanting to pursue?

6. Who, in your opinion was responsible for putting the “bomp in the bomp bah bomp bah bomp”? And do you believe the same person put the “ram in the rama lama ding dong” or did he/she have an accomplice?

7. If you could have anything in the world for breakfast what would you have?

8. What is your worst habit?

9. Do you listen to music when you write? If not, why not and if so, who (or what style) and why?

10. Am I still allowed more questions? Really? Even after putting in about thirty questions under the simple guise of “Question 9”? Ok…fine…who’s your favourite muppet and why?

11. What makes you angry and why?

Right…I need a lie down now after all that effort. Looking forward to those answers people…no pressure…

19 thoughts on “The Liebster Award

  1. Oh god, I love your answers. I need a crying-laughing emoji right now. Especially the speaking fluent badger: that cracked me up right off the bat. And I found your answers so interesting! I love learning this kind of stuff about people and I’m definitely going to also stalk the people you nominated (because that’s part of the point right?). Also, your questions are kick ass! Have a lie down… And maybe a snack 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Curse you for nominating me, though I’m a lot more relaxed about personal revelations these days, than I was, say a year ago. So I accept but I probably won’t rush to getting around to it. Your answers proved highly entertaining as always, and in flattered by your comments about little old me. Though as is my want and I’m sure as you’d guessed I would, I disagree with them wholeheartedly.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I would have expected nothing less than a wholehearted disagreement 🙂 Generally I don’t nominate people on these things so there’s no pressure to deliver – but I would be very interested to get your take on things. Pleased my nonsense was once more entertaining!


  3. Thanks Nik, very kind although I’m sure, with only a pinch of truth!
    I had decided to give Ad Hoc a miss for a while but felt as if I must enter this week, if only because there will be three winners instead of the usual one!
    Check it out here (you have until midnight Tuesday to enter- do please try and read the entries and see if you can spot mine!):
    Good luck to all who enter, Becky

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nah – I have too much respect for you to lie about Adhoc Fiction. There have been one or two excellent pieces that have won, but most weeks I’m disappointed (unlike when I read your work).

      Thanks for the tip – will scoot across there as soon as I get a chance 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Totally missed my name the first time I read this. That’ll teach me for multi-tasking. (I also read it initially as the Lobster Award.)

    Thank you for the kind words and nomination! I’ll give your questions some thought, but I doubt I’ll top your responses. Good to learn you speak badger. I know a little Mole, which I think shares some dialectical similiarities. We should catch up at a Riverdance gig some time and compare.


    • Tsk tsk…skim reading my work with half an eye on it. I’m mortified. 🙂 The Lobster Award sounds much more fascinating to be fair…

      I have little doubt you’ll smash my answers out of the park – but there’s no pressure to answer! It was quite fun to do and I think a one take scribble is the best way to approach it.

      Can’t wait to try and chat to you in our forgotten languages – I’ll be the whiskery guy in the corner wearing a Mariah Carey tour shirt.

      Liked by 1 person

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