The Great Haiku Unblocker

I can’t write today

The keyboard is dirty and

Needs a proper clean


I can’t write today

The bed isn’t made and looks

Very untidy


I can’t write today

I’ve had too much wine to start

Anything new now


I can’t write today

I haven’t had enough wine

To say anything


I can’t write today

I’m too tired/sleepy/lost

Confused. Take your pick.


I did write today

Five. Seven. Five. Then repeat.

Does it even count?


Don’t answer that one.

Rhetorical poetry.

Brooks no responses.

23 thoughts on “The Great Haiku Unblocker

    • Perfecting The Procrastinator’s Pause – sounds like the perfect comeback album for Genesis or another prog-rock behemoth! Love that – thank you! Glad this struck a chord with you (see how effortlessly I can drop in a bad musical pun to continue the them? It’s a gift…!!) – great to hear from you as ever πŸ™‚

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  1. I love the idea of fighting against anything and everything in order to write — haven’t we all been there?! And the finish is perfect: especially the last two lines. I like it because it feels like your haikus are talking directly to the reader, which is kind of confronting in a way – ‘hey poem, I’ll answer your damn rhetorical if I want to!’ – but the finisher of ‘brooks no responses’ is the icing on the cake.

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    • Thanks Ana πŸ™‚ It’s great that it came across that way as I think there was a certain amount of frustration and defiance I needed to get out. Appreciate your thoughtful take on things – great to hear from you and very glad you liked it!

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