Digitopia (A Drabble)

We trade conversation as commodity. The endless bartering of words. Stealthily concealing meaning within grammatically moribund tropes.

The LOL never touches our eyes let alone our lips.

A million words to furnish a life with a cast of thousands. The possibilities are endless.

The possibilities are ending.

Less words. A dwindling set of players. The growing sense that the best you can hope for is a Best Supporting Actor nod in the adapted screenplay of your life.

The age of wonder is upon us yet we choose to narrow our field of vision.



Tell a fucking joke already.

14 thoughts on “Digitopia (A Drabble)

  1. Why did the chicken cross the road? πŸ™‚ Just kidding. I like this part: “The LOL never touches our eyes let alone our lips.” I think that’s so true.

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  2. so now I’m depressed. You did it – I reckon you should tell me a joke and I promise the ROFL will be just that – I love a good belly laugh. Seriously though this is so true and so bloody fed up making.

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    • I hereby solemnly swear that the next thing I write will be funny. Or at least it will attempt to be funny. This serious / weird stuff has to stop now πŸ™‚ Not quite sure where my social media rage came from last night but I’m calm again today. Sort of!


    • Thanks Mel. This was a weird one – not sure where it came from but the words started tapping on the inside of my skill demanding to be heard. I ignored them at first but when I heard the drill being fired up I figured I should obey. Glad you liked that line – it’s a bit of a disjointed piece but I feel strongly about the sentiment behind that one. Appreciate your support as always πŸ™‚

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  3. Digitopia _ The Daleks are here! – Hail the Daleks -Long Live the Daleks Until Windows 10 is uploaded into their system, then It’s; Hail Cortana that is in the Microdalek or else in the more expensive Macdalek it’s; Hail Siri…

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  4. This is really great. I love the way it is spaced out and each line has an impact. The writing is great (almost reads like a poem) and a good message to go along with it. (What did the corn say when it’s pants fell down?…shucks!)

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  5. “The growing sense that the best you can hope for is a Best Supporting Actor nod in the adapted screenplay of your life.” I get that we have endless opportunities but only few goals in life. I think that’s what’s causing the dysphoria. It’s almost like nowadays with everything so close, we can compress a lifetime’s worth of experiences in a week or two. But that leaves us with lots of empty space. As you suggest, conversation doesn’t really matter except as a barter for attention.

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    • Dysphoria is the perfect word to sum it up – I wish I’d known that one when I was choosing a title! It’s funny how sometimes you don’t realise how frustrated you are with something until you suddenly get the urge to write about it. Thanks for reading and for the thoughtful and considered comment.

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