An Ode To The Humble Prompt

The net is a world wide web wonder

Where many fine stories are born

Not to mention the sparks of ideas

In amongst all the HD-shot porn


Imagine you’ve landed on Saturn

Prompts a site with a sciencey slant

Your oxygen’s low, and your heart rate is slow

and your co-pilot’s cat is your aunt


Or, picture the scene if you’re able…

You’ve just woken up on a train.

With a fresh ink tattoo and a badger (or two)

And a driver who might be called Wayne


Some sites keep it pleasantly simple

And offer you one simple word

Like blender or boffin or cupcake or coffin

But never curmudgeon or turd


If that’s not enough throw in genre

And wordcount and timeframe and such

In less than an hour your cowboy themed badger

Is perfect, but ten words too much


O Word Prompting Sites, I salute you!

My life without you would be worse

I cogitate wholly and agonize slowly

Then ignore you and write a daft verse.

18 thoughts on “An Ode To The Humble Prompt

  1. Writing prompts can be a great source to prod (or pain) the writer’s imagination & who doesn’t love a deadline to stop the procrastination. Sooooo Porn in HD, huh… Is this a great source of information?😝
    Great job (& no dialogue).

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    • Everything has its place on the web it seems – even writing prompts and HD porn πŸ™‚ Although I’m not sure if HD is High Def or Highly Dubious. Probably both! Thanks for reading and commenting Mel – who would have thought I could avoid a speech mark for a whole page!

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    • As long as you “get it” then I guess that’s all that matters when you write. I generally find that setting myself a boundary turns it into a bit of a game – so I particularly enjoy things like an exact 100 word drabble or a 26 sentence story starting each line with a new letter. Glad you enjoyed this – and appreciate the kind comment, thank you! πŸ™‚

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  2. I really had a long side splitting laugh with this. I wasn’t sure if there were some sublime messages in the idea of Aunt pussy and HD porn. However, I totally concur with the sentiment of writing to prompts being like eating jelly with a single chopstick, and at times impossible.

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    • Thanks James – your comment gave me plenty of laughs in return so I guess that makes us quits! I’ve come to the realisation this week that I need to stop hiding behind blog posts and word prompts and focus on stories a bit more – I’ve been avoiding hard graft for too long!

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