Car Crash Television

As befits a man of my advancing years, this will be a quickie.

My week is off to a flier, thanks mostly to the ever wondrous and wonderful people over at Literally Stories who have seen fit to publish another one of my new pieces.

For those of you who’ve read a lot of my stories and blog posts I’m sure you’ll agree that Car Crash Television is a real departure for me. I’ve tried really hard to step away from my usual comfort zone of using flowery prose to expand on weighty and topical themes and challenged myself to write a mostly dialogue-based piece focusing on a bloke moaning about what’s on the TV.

Hope you enjoy it (and thanks for those who have already so kindly commented on LS – I will respond forthwith and possibly with forth).

In other news my novel remains unfinished. Unstarted some might say but shame on them and a plague on all their locusts.

One novel short of a library I might be, but I do at least have a piece ready* to submit to Firewords Quarterly so here’s hoping my dear friend Henry Spiller has some company soon…

*ready as in, just needs to be printed out, read aloud, corrected, hated, filed, burned, reprinted, marked in red pen, read aloud again, rewritten, almost submitted, rewritten, red aloud whilst sober, edited and submitted.

Right, that’s your lot. Until next time…stay wordy and stuff.

13 thoughts on “Car Crash Television

  1. Firewords submission – on the brink – well a couple of steps back p’raps – oh well okay just getting off the bus – well yes, maybe just looking for change for the fare – but it’s on the way – the novel? not out of bed yet huh.!!

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  2. Haha god I love that starting line! :p Incidentally, it has been said that I’m a good proofreader and I’d love to read your work for you if you’d like another set of eyes/some feedback 🙂

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    • Me? Hate something? Not a chance haha 🙂 Thanks Ana – that’s really nice of you to think of me! I’m generally slow to get to these things but I’m quite sure I’ll pay it forward!

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