Epitaph – A Drabble

“It’s time,” she said and in we stumbled like lambs bleating in the slaughtered air. Any lingering hopes that he would be granted some final serenity or peace dashed in a maelstrom of tortured angles and the sweat-soaked rictus of a face that has been long lost to madness.

“Is it…?”

“No. Not blood. Not exactly.”

As he lay there, we sat and watched as ink-black beads rose on his skin, formed letters and soaked into the sheets.

When the merciful last breath came his final words lay bare across his ragged chest.

Oh dear God, what haven’t I done?

25 thoughts on “Epitaph – A Drabble

    • I scribbled some notes down about a body bleeding out unsaid words on a deathbed the other day – there’s definitely a nod to my own fear of never getting around to writing the things that I should but it isn’t haunting me too badly. Yet. Thanks for reading – always lovely to hear your thoughts.


    • Thanks Diane – have been getting increasingly frustrated at the lack of time for writing so when the internet started playing up last night while I was trying to catch up on LS reading I figured I was overdue some output!


      • For sure Diane. I can’t quite hit upon the magic formula in terms of balancing my life at present – but I’m not sure the idea to back away from the blog has lead to more “quality” writing. It’s more a case of giving me an easy excuse to give in to being tired and subsequently becoming rusty!


    • When I started scribbling I had a different opening line but I changed it in order to try and sustain the first-line epithet you’ve given me 🙂
      Thanks for reading Mel – always great to hear your thoughts – and yes I’m definitely back-ish…

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  1. Nik, this is wonderful!! I love the idea of bleeding ink, of a way to express, in the final death throes, the regrets that must inevitably plague humanity. Brilliant 🙂

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    • Thanks Ana! So glad you enjoyed it and that the idea behind it was so clear to you 🙂 Sorry that I’ve been a bit behind the times on your blog – ultra marathon training took over my life a bit recently but with race day on Saturday I should have more time soon!

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      • There’s never any need to apologise! I’ve been behind on getting around blogs too: such is life, right? Awesome news about your training and good luck for your race this weekend! No doubt you’ll smash it 😀

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    • Thanks Mel – you’ve made my morning with all the kind and supportive comments! This is one of my favourite drabbles so I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂


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