Cape Town 5AM

The sky colours in the dark with pink and orange fingers.

Birds chatter their approval in myriad voices growing bolder with each passing minute. Guinea fowl screech from the rooftops, setting the dogs to lend their rumbling bass to the chorus greeting the dawn.

Wind chimes jumble their syncopated thoughts into the air with enough force to startle a hadeda into squawk-filled flight, a moment too soon for a cat on the prowl.

And underneath it all, with the precision and monotonous elegance of a jazz drummer, the click of the electric fence marks time in perfect counts of four.

8 thoughts on “Cape Town 5AM

    • I’m so glad you picked up on that feeling – I was lying awake at 5am a couple of mornings ago and I kept hearing an electric fence clicking at a neighbour’s house. The two things that struck me were how artificial it sounded aligned to all the natural pre-dawn sounds and how glad I am I don’t have an electric fence!!

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  1. I like how the appreciation of an idyllic dawn is suddenly brought back to the threats of real life. Particularly where every sound and pulse has both different meaning and implications on each day. A day that is appreciated for its beauty by every creature, safe once more from the dark.

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    • Hi James – as I just commented to Becky it was quite jarring to hear the artificial noise of the fence competing with nature and it certainly stuck in my mind. Thanks for reading!


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