Trabbling The Crystal Maze

I’m in a room with mismatched curtains, wooden floors and freshly painted skirting boards. There’s nothing here except for a computer and an office chair on a rug that’s rucked up around the edges. I can’t see what to do…

“Come out! Come out!” screams a voice in my head and then I remember this is real life and not the fucking Crystal Maze and neither Ed Tudor-Pole nor Richard O’Brien can save me however much I beg, plead or wheedle.

Besides, it’s an automatic lock in.

There isn’t any point to this. Merely the act of placing one word in front of another in the same way that you place one foot in front of the other to convince yourself you’re moving forward. A hundred words yesterday and more today. I’d give an official word count but that’s pretty tricky right now for three reasons:-

  1. I haven’t finished writing yet
  2. I haven’t used the word that prompted me to write
  3. I forget the other one. Probably a time limit or some such gibberish

I could, of course, pretend I have sufficient foresight to predict the final tally by subbing in a number once I’ve finished prattling on but I respect you too much for that.

Best thing in this kind of situation is to cradle your head in your hands, rest it next to the keyboard and wait until the inspiration goes away. Unless you’re anything like me and find that inspiration builds the longer you’re away from the keyboard only to hunker down in the folds of your brain as soon as you’re faced with the uninterrupted prospect of writing.

Must be three hundred words down by now. At this pace it’ll be 900 tomorrow and 2700 on Thursday.

A million a day at least by Christmas.



In true Sesame Street fashion this trabble (triple drabble ok fine I made it up) was brought to you by the adhoc fiction prompt of ‘cradle’, the fiendish desire to double their maximum word count and a ten minute stopwatch. You get what you pay for and WordPress is free.


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