21 WTF

As is usually the case when I haven’t written for a while, I’m not sure how to begin. I suppose the only way to do it is to start typing in the hope it loosens the rusty tap of my brain and allows the brackish water of the reservoir of my mind to start dripping, errm, brackishly on to the dry parchment of the virtual page.


In a rubbishy, pompous kind of a way.

Perhaps I’d be better off going for something a little simpler and more Sesame Street.

Today’s post is brought to you by the number 21! And quite possibly the letters W, T and F!

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A Whole New World Of Siblings

siblinghood-of-the-world-awardThe very excellent, talented and generally wonderful Shannon Noel Brady (please, click on her name. I’ll still be here when you get back. Please come back) has kindly nominated me for the Siblinghood Of The World Blogger Award.

She even more kindly told me that I didn’t have to answer her questions and should spend my tiny amount of current free time on doing some actual writing.

Thanks for the escape clause Shannon but I wouldn’t be able to look the other members of Procrastinators Anonymous in the eyes again.

So here are a bunch of answers that are likely to be far more mediocre than the questions themselves.

It’s hard to believe I still work for a living such is my level of self-promotion…

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Einstein claimed that energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

I’ve spent the last fifteen minutes half-heartedly swiping at a fly who keeps landing on my monitor. This is not your typical full-of-energy fly. This poor sod can’t even summon up the will to buzz. He paddles around in ever decreasing circles, I paw at him with ever decreasing energy until at last he settles on the wall and I settle back into my chair.

I wonder if the two of us have created some kind of lethargy-vortex. There is matter and antimatter. Perhaps there is energy and anti-energy? I would ask her about Uncle Energy but she has a wan and distant look these days so I will play along with the lie that he never existed.

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