An O An O My Kingdom For An O

I need to warn you up front that this post will contain sexual swear words – both in the form of references to said profanities as well as good old-fashioned writing down of expletives in digital form.

Don’t go getting all high-horsey. The swearing is an integral part of the story. A true story I might add. One that happened earlier today.

With the odd embellishment for effect.

Seriously, this one is going to get ugly. You are one line and a read more tag away from the repeated use of a very bad word.

Still here? In that case as a wise Australian friend of mine used to say about people… Continue reading

All aboard the change train

Over recent weeks I’ve had the inescapable feeling that I’m living my life along a set of rails. There are twists and turns, sure, but generally I feel like a passenger travelling along some pre-ordained, ramrod-straight journey through my own life.

Nothing wrong with that in principle but in my case the driver seems in one hell of a rush to get somewhere and I’m not sure I’m all that keen on the final destination.

So in an attempt to derail it while there’s still the odd bit of scenery around I’m trying new things and acting differently wherever possible.

Right now as these words are forming on the page I’m doing something utterly maverick. I’m listening to music. Continue reading

Ruining the kids

I’m ruining my children’s lives.

Oh, don’t be alarmed. I do this most days.

Yesterday for example I yelled at my son for putting his feet on the table for the fifth time during an epic hour long supper challenge. This evening it was my daughters turn when I chose not to pick her up for the tenth time and instead abandoned her in the living room while I went to change into a fresh t-shirt. The one soaked from bath time was making me a little shivery but it’s no excuse.

Basically I am a bad parent. Continue reading