Tuesday Free Write Experimental Thingamabob

Last time I tried a free writing experiwosname I wasted a whole bunch of time (mine and yours) going on about useless prompts I’d been given as part of the let’s do a search on google for stuff to write about adventure I’d embarked upon.

No such frippery this time.

Unless you count the whole recapping past blogs thing.

But you’re not that pedantic, right?

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A Lemon Scented Graveyard of Ideas

I have no idea what inspired this or where it came from.

Maybe I should have worn a hat.

Or a steel bucket.


There’s a spot down by the lemon tree where the ideas grow. I planted them there you see. Not through choice you must understand. (un)Happy accident. The ideas bounce around in my head for a while and if I don’t write them down somewhere they break through the walls of my skull and take root.

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A flash fiction piece I recently submitted – word limit of 150 and had to use the word paper. Short and sweet – the perfect two minute read for a busy Saturday!


“…migraine. I can’t drive.”

“Look it’s terrible timing. We’ve got to present to the client on Friday and…”

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