Fifteen and ten and counting

Ten years ago today I woke up early to the sound of birds – typical of a Johannesburg spring morning. It hadn’t been the most restful or peaceful of slumbers. When I’d initially dropped off to sleep the night before my brother came and woke me up because there was a moth in his room. Thirteen months of living in deepest, darkest Africa had prepared me for such events and so I swiftly stepped forward and twatted it with a flip flop (the moth rather than my dear brother although I was tempted…).

After that I lay awake for quite a while contemplating the universe as one does in the small hours leading up to your wedding.

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Short Stories For Charity – Please Read and Share!

For the last year or so I’ve been involved in the running of a short story site – Literally Stories. Sunday marked one year since we published our first story, and to celebrate this milestone we launched an anthology to showcase the best of the best from year one.

The site has always been a labour of love and the anthology is no different. All the funds raised from book sales go to The Book Bus – a literacy charity doing amazing work throughout Africa, Asia and South America.

The ebook is available via Amazon in the UK, here

…in the US, here

…and there’s even an option to use a print on demand service to order in paperback here.

The quality of the stories is excellent, the cover art is splendid and it’s a steal at the price (£2.74, $7.07 and £7.99 respectively!).

So please, buy yourself a copy, give it as a Christmas present to someone who loves the written word or just reblog the shit out of this post – it all helps to support this very worthy cause.

Thanks for your help you lovely lot 🙂

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A Tale Of Two Letters

Letter 1: The Rejection

It’s taken a while but I finally feel like a real writer. That probably sounds a bit weird for someone who has been blogging for about seven years, has written a sixty thousand word baby diary and has about forty other short stories up on the web (and one in print) at this very moment…but any writers reading this might just have an inkling where I’m coming from.

All of my work so far has been delivered in very safe environments.

Step 1 – Blog. Ultimate Safety. On my blog I am the master. End of.

Step 2 – Submit to a site with no rejection policy (repeat thirty odd times). Thanks Shortbread!

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And So We Come To Race Day

So yesterday was marathon day. My fourth marathon in four years.

My first marathon was something I got talked into almost as a joke. I’d been running regularly with a friend and we decided, along with his brother, to have a crack at the Cape Peninsula Marathon in February 2012. It all went fine for about 30km (apart from knee pain which kicked in at the 2km mark) and then my body went a bit weird and my running partner got cramp. I eventually walk-limped over the line in about four and a half hours and vowed never to run a marathon again.

Fast forward to February 2013 and I’m running the Cape Peninsula Marathon – this time as a potential warm up and qualifier for the 2013 Two Oceans Ultra (56km). It all went fine for about 30km and then my body went a bit weird. I eventually walk-limped over the line in about four hours and fifteen minutes and vowed never to run a marathon again.

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