Some Things Never Change

“I don’t understand what you see in her.”

“It’s not what I see it’s what I hear. The wit and wisdom born of a medicated tongue. The dark and delicate tones that pierce my goosebumps like the jagged razor of bow on string. The laughter, sometimes natural, sometimes unnatural that dances across my heart. The music of her soul.”

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Digitopia (A Drabble)

We trade conversation as commodity. The endless bartering of words. Stealthily concealing meaning within grammatically moribund tropes.

The LOL never touches our eyes let alone our lips.

A million words to furnish a life with a cast of thousands. The possibilities are endless.

The possibilities are ending.

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For Your Consideration

Language is a funny thing.

Try to bear that in mind while you are reading this post and, if you are so inclined, chortle out a chuckle every now and then.

*WARNING: Unplanned digression in five…four…*

Enough ellipses already. I’m like totally down with the kids. Lolz.

As an aside I just typed the word post and for some reason my weird internal Libre Office predictive text thingamawotsit keeps suggesting I say post-office-cum-shop.


Normally I’d be like that’s so on fleek but like I totally can’t remember like even scribing it.

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