Bored of reading all my stuff? Then check out Literally Stories! It’s full of amazingly talented writers, diverse stories, and is run with love and passion. I can vouch for this personally as I account for 20% of the editing team and about 2% of the published stories 🙂

Firewords is a quarterly print publication that looks beautiful, reads beautifully and is run by (you’ve guessed it) beautiful people. I was lucky enough to have The Adamant Carbonisation of Henry Spiller published in Issue 4 but all their issues (6 at time of writing) are worth a look. Go and order a copy today. And then come back. I need you.


You can find some of my older work on Shortbread Stories. The site is sadly quite static these days due to a lack of funding and so I’m slowly migrating most of the work to this blog. It’s got a vast back catalogue of great stories though and is worth a look.



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