By Degrees – A Drabble

Ah but you’ll miss it when they’re gone.


To some degree at least.

I don’t miss the mess. Or the chaos. I don’t miss the I hate you daggers or the you always spoil my fun accusations. I don’t miss the mealtime battles, the sibling rivalries or the endless requirement to be a grown up.

Ah but you’ll miss the noise when it’s so quiet.

Not true.

To some degree at least.

What I miss are the fragile silences.

A single, fleeting, gossamer moment of peace.

Anything would be better than this endless too-soon calm that now defines us.

10 thoughts on “By Degrees – A Drabble

  1. aww- this is rather sad and it shouldn’t be – not really but I do understand why it is. Interesting that the narrator understands that too much of a good thing can be just that – too much – take me back to just a little.!

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    • Thanks Becky – I’m also hoping there’s more to come! I hoped most parents would recognise the thought process behind this one – glad you’ve confirmed it made sense to more than just me 🙂

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  2. I don’t have kids, but I’ve often thought about what it must feel like for them to grow up. I feel like I’m constantly holding onto life, telling it to slow down. It goes by SO fast. I think that as an individual, I can’t imagine bringing someone into the world as a peanut and them becoming this whole adult person in what seems like an instant. The whole cycle of life is wild. This is great Nik. x

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    • Thanks Cat 🙂 Yes, the pace of it is terrifying – in a blink our babies are now eight and five and it’s only going to get faster. If only my running speeds followed suit haha! It’s an amazing journey and I hope to stall the empty nest reality for as long as possible…

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  3. I love this. Parenting is so hard and yet if you complain about it that’s the old standard! There are things that I will miss him but sometimes it would be nice to read an entire chapter of a bookWithout being interrupted to wipe someone’s bottom

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