Redressing The Balance

Given that I am prone to epic parental failure it is no surprise that I have been unduly harsh on my little girl recently. I’ve shouted at her, lost patience with her, smacked her on the bum (arrest me now) and even gone as far as calling her feral in my last blog.

Ok so she is impossible. And she likes to take her nappy off and poo on the floor during nap time. And she likes to scream. And she likes to hit me in the face. And kick me in the nuts when I’m changing her. And bite, pinch, scratch, slap, hit, kick and punch her brother at the drop of a hat (although he needs to grow a set and quickly to be frank).

Sure, she likes picking up our cats by the throat, thumping our dog and destroying toys. And she likes to pull things off the kitchen counter and cry and yell and stamp her feet and blow her nose without a tissue.

In short. She’s a terror.

A torment.

She is Chucky.

And yet…the very things that drive me to drink (actually nothing drives me to drink – I walk there willingly and with an open cheque book) are the very things that I hope will never change. I love her stubbornness, her defiance and her unflinching desire that “ARWEN DO IT” whatever the task might be. I love the fact that she is tough as nails and refuses to lie down and accept defeat for anyone or anything.

I love the fact that she will carry a toy bike the same size as her for five meters and then throw it to the ground while staring at me just to prove a point. I love the fact that she’ll do it again, and again, until she is satisfied you’ve noticed. I love the way she steals food from our plates. I love the fact that she eats mud, and snails and is obsessed by “Pepper POO” in the garden.

I love the way she wants to sing with me every night and that a song will only last a couple of days before she needs a new one. I love the way she watches her rare moments of TV in slack-jawed wonder. I love the fact that she loves books and wants to hear stories. And I especially love that she every now and then lets me brush her hair.

In short. She’s a treasure.

A treat.

She’s my baby girl.



IMG_1642 IMG_1502 IMG_1791

6 thoughts on “Redressing The Balance

  1. Absolutely gorgeous – both of them are and my goodness they’re going to make you proud – even prouder than you are now and when you’re clearing your throat manfully at her graduation you’ll wish you were back cleaning poo off the floor. She must drive you batty but she’s got spirit by the sound of things.

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    • I think that’s the real challenge right now Diane. She is incredibly difficult to deal with on occasion but she has so much spirit and so much personality that we have to find a way to get through it and not knock away her enthusiasm! It’ll all go by too fast…


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