Outside The Light

I was digging around through some old pictures last week and found the header photo for this post. I had a funny feeling it would come in handy for a quick, time-constrained writing fix and tonight was that night.

So here is a picture-prompted drabble – Outside The Light.


I’m drawn like a moth to a flame.

I had better lines than that once but now it’s all a grey jumble in my mind.

Your shadow casts out into my darkness. An unwitting interloper. I hate the thrill that engorges me as your light is tainted and consumed by my world.

We love the things we hate.

When you turn out the light and make your way to the stairs, don’t look back. Don’t see me pressed against the glass.

The crack of the floorboard was just old wood.

My heart is too dead and broken for such noise.

4 thoughts on “Outside The Light

    • Thanks Diane – just what I was aiming for (the sad and spooky bit I mean, brilliance is harder to attempt!). Weird where these little shards of ideas come from but as ever I’m thrilled when they come across well to a reader.


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