It’s gonna nail ya
On a Wednesday
Put down your pens day
So lay yourself low
Or better still yo
Take up a simpler pastime like drinking and while away the hours in a grape-filled haze
Peace out

Right. Now that I’ve proven beyond measure that I’m down with the kids let’s have a look at this week’s 150 word failure. It’s called #amwriting and the prompt was scale.


“You should go and write something.”

“I know.”

“When’s the deadline?”

“A week. Less actually. Saturday.”

“Then you need to go and write something.”

“Yes. I know. It’s not so much the writing down of stuff as the coming up with an idea so I can write said idea down on a page that is causing me the biggest problem to be honest.”

“Well you aren’t going to fix that drinking wine in the kitchen.”

“Good point. I should probably go and drink in front of the Mac.”

“It’s a start.”

“The scale of it just scares me.”

“Your drinking?”

“No. The story. Two thousand words doesn’t seem like a lot unless your word count is sitting on zero. Again.”

“Only one way to get it moving…”

“Fine. I’m going. Don’t wait up. At current pace I should be finished by the dawn of the next ice age.”


4 thoughts on “#amwriting

  1. I feel ya ! (Actually maybe I should clarify – when I say that I don’t mean that I actually feel you – that would be a) impossible as you are where you are and I am in Franceland and b) well – it’s just not the sort of thing one does.)

    Drink up Nik it’s traditional, writers and booze it’s just the way things are – thank goodness

    Liked by 1 person

    • Despite the logistical, geographical and polite societal challenges I am overwhelmed by your virtual-feeling attempts and your support of all things grape and grain based! It’s just gone 1.30 and it’s a public holiday so I reckon I can safely raise a glass to salute you Mrs D 😉

      Oh, and by the way, France were playing Albania yesterday – wasn’t sure if Facebook had let you know…


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