New Story: A Single Grain Of Salt

It’s always nice to have an excuse to scribble some words on a blog post – and today’s excuse is to tell you that I’ve got a brand new piece up on Literally Stories.

A Single Grain Of Salt is a story that has been trying to get written for a couple of years without a whole lot of success. For me, this often happens when a tale has a link to reality, and particularly when it relates to an event that still haunts me despite the fact that tragedy was avoided.

A couple of years ago we were crossing a road at a pedestrian crossing. My wife was just behind me with our daughter in the pram and my son was just in front on his scooter. A car didn’t bother to stop. He drove straight through and I don’t think the driver even saw us. I wasn’t close enough to Rhys to do anything other than scream at him. Luckily it was enough. The car missed him and my world which had briefly ended, started again.

The what-ifs will plague me to my grave.

There are many reasons that I write, but the cathartic power of the process under the right circumstances is a hard one to top. Simply put, this is a story about a dad trying to protect his boy.

I hope you enjoy it – and thank you so much to everyone who has already commented on this one over on LS.

8 thoughts on “New Story: A Single Grain Of Salt

  1. That must have been so terrifying. If I had been in your shoes, a close call like that would have haunted me forever as well. I’m sorry you had to experience that. I like that you turned that experience into a story though, made all the more personal and meaningful by what motivated it. Congrats on the pub – I left a comment on the story itself over there. 🙂

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    • Thankfully there have been very few moments that terrifying with the kids although no doubt there will be more to come as they grow up. I’m quite happy to get my inspiration from the ether from now on rather than from moments like that if at all possible!! Thanks so much for reading and for always taking the time to give me some feedback and plenty of support – really means a lot 🙂

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