Ideas And Adventures

So you know how I always keep moaning about the fact that I spend too much time running and then I’m tired and can’t come up with story ideas and have nothing to write down and than spiral into a red-wine fueled misery-machine?

Well I’ve solved it.

Sort of.

I’ve put together another blog called The Write Runner.

I have no idea how long it’ll last for but it does afford me a number of new and exciting opportunities, such as:-

Writing in a new font with a new theme!

Adding random pictures of scenery!

Wittering on about running stuff!

Falsely convincing myself that all writing is good writing and that if I write about anything at all – even running – I might get my story mojo back!

If you do decide to take the plunge and click on the link you will, of course, have my undying* gratitude (*subject to me becoming undead).

In other news, despite my lack of official output I have been scribbling lots of ideas.

Ok, a few.

Fine. Three.

And that’s not even counting the epic adventures of Eric The Sausage-Eating Squirrel (he has a nut allergy) or Fernickety the Caterpillar Wizard (he lives on a mushroom).


21 thoughts on “Ideas And Adventures

    • Another to add to my growing collection of nonsense I tell the kids. I will have to start writing them down soon though as already I sense they are finding holes and inconsistencies from one telling to the next. Eric’s new friend Dilys the Dog has been Dougal on more than one occasion, and I’m fairly sure Mr and Mrs Frobble didn’t have him/her as their pet first time around… 🙂


    • Thanks Steven – appreciated! I don’t think the mojo is too far away – probably down the back of the sofa or packed away inside one of the kids’ lego boxes I expect. I’m too much of a waffler to stop for long.

      Hope whichever blog direction you go in you have fun – that’s the key I think!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment 🙂


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