A Mann Once Told Me

A Haiku poem inspired by a song from one of my favourite artists – the incomparable Aimee Mann.

Bet all the correction police who were ganging up on the double N in the post title feel a bit silly now.

A Mann once told me

Four July is a waste of

Gunpowder and sky

Fireworks are mostly banned in South Africa so it would be a moot point here.

Just for the record (see what I did there) and in case the NSA are currently monitoring me this is simply a reworking of a lyric. It is not some kind of dark message railing against America. For my propaganda site you’ll need to click on…OK I’m kidding.

I’ve got cousins in Louisville and Maine* I’ll have you know.

Happy Independence Day!

* have just been informed by my mother that the Maine branch has relocated to Florida. I could have just altered the post and you wouldn’t have noticed but I’m not so proud that I can’t display my geographical failures or indeed spin them out for fifty words to get an additional cheap laugh from anyone who didn’t click on this post before the correction.

2 thoughts on “A Mann Once Told Me

  1. *checking propaganda site* Nice poem though. I will check out Mann, haven’t heard of him (her?) . You see? I don’t even know the gender. I’m way out of my comfort zone or in deep water, or on thin ice. In summation ; I’m not where I’m supposed to be in water.
    ATVB my friend

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  2. If this were a fantasy novel I’d be throwing you the lifejacket of eternal gender confirmation right about now (second only in power to the Blade Of Ishra or some such). But it isn’t so I’ll just say “She’s a she”. Great lyricist, was fortunate enough to see her live in a small venue in the UK and she was brilliant. Best starting point I’d say would be to listen to the soundtrack to the film Magnolia (or just watch the movie if you’ve never seen it – it’s a work of genius in my book). The track 4th of July is from her debut album of about twenty years ago – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOYI85anqmQ – if you want to have a listen 🙂


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