Two Truths For A Sunday

One is a poem.

One is a 100 word story.

I think you can work out which is which.


Sunday. Click. Monday

The overriding sense that

A change is needed.


“How was it?”

“Yeah, not too bad. Better than expected. I got up to Rhodes.”

“Nice work! I thought you were taking it easy?”

“I was, but I wanted to get a last hill in my legs before the race next week. I gunned it on the way down. Managed a three-forty.”

“That’s quick!”

“Yep. Only a minute slower downhill than a top runner manages per kilometre on the flat for forty-two in a row.”

“Yeah but they weigh forty kilograms.”

“True. Guess I’m still faster than a dog walker that finds a body in a crap novel.”

“Every cloud…”

4 thoughts on “Two Truths For A Sunday

    • Thanks Jess! Glad to see you passed the poem/story challenge hehe 🙂 It all felt a bit like cheating – Sunday night job-related-moaning and a conversation with my wife! Thanks for reading – always great to hear from you.

      Liked by 1 person

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